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The brand


 At Bambooju we believe in small everyday steps to make bigger steps towards our future, by creating reusable products for your every day life. Unlike cardboard, metal, or glass, our bamboo is a natural resource that we bring to you without transformation. They are designed for hot or cold drinks. You use, you wash, you reuse. Eco and trendy, it is possible!


All our Bambooju products are carried by train, from the largest bamboo grove of PCR. Despite the constraints due to this type of transportation, this method is definitely close to our hearts as it allows us to highly reduce our carbone footprint. And this of course is good for our planet!

A Bambooju delivery by train between our production location in Asia and our stock based in France (almost 10,000 km) has an ecological impact that corresponds to:
Paris - Dijon by car (297 km) 🚗
Paris - Saint-Malo by plane (427 km) 🛫
You will probably wonder: but why not producing in France? Simply because the french climate doesn't allow a quick growth of the bamboo. In Orient, our sprouts can grow up to 1 meter per day; it is therefore easy to use the wood, without deforesting our planet!


"In bamboo, we trust" : it is our motto and it is actually a funny play on words in french. Yes, we're hilarious. In case you were wondering...
Plus, we wish to be part of this absolutely necessary ecological transition. Bambooju helps you adapt your everyday habits into sustainable solutions for a zero waste home.


And first of all, do we say "Bambujou", "Bambuju" or what? 
We pronouce it: "Bam-bou-jou".
The thinking head behind this project and this funny name is Nicolas, a French guy in love with Asia.
During a trip in Indonesia, he had to face the sad reality of the local pollution due to plastic and single-use items. This is how the Bambooju concept was created: simple, pretty and sustainable products for your everyday life that you can wash, re-wash and re-re-wash without loosing the quality, and that can be fully recycled.
We truely believe that each company has a significant role to play to create a better world.
We defend and honor a 100% green philosophy: every single product is selected with care, each delivery is optimized, each production stage respects a an ecological vision.
So, do you "trust bamboo" too then? 😉