The brand

Our idea

At Bambooju we believe in small everyday steps to make big steps for our future, by adding reusable everyday products. Even better than cardboard, metal, or glass, our bamboo is a natural resource without transformation or chemicals. Perfect for being in contact with food and drink, our Bambooju products are tasteless and adapt to hot and cold. You use, you wash, you reuse. Eco and trendy it is possible!

Our values

Through its reusable products, Bambooju is built around strong values: sustainable development, respect, responsibility, and innovation. With the signature "We hold the bamboo", Bambooju is a forward-looking company, with respect for the planet as well as for its partners and customers, responsible and with an innovative offer and products.

Who are we ?

Bambooju is Lucile and Nicolas, 2 French partners convinced that reusing products every day is the best alternative to the ecological concerns that the planet is experiencing. Determined to rhyme eco with trendy, to facilitate the change of the small daily habits of each one, they are also convinced that each company has a role to play for an even better ecological impact. Attached to quality, they choose the materials for their products in a 100% green approach: large number of reuse, sustainable, healthy, ecological production, without pesticides, positive social impact, respect for employees, ecological delivery, deliveries ...