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Clean your Toothy-Peg

At Bambooju, we like what is recyclable, natural and zero waste. So, we want to share our tricks to help you transition to an everyday green life, creating a sustainable home. Let's begin!

Today, we talk about toothbrushes. And more specifically environmentally-friendly toothbrushes.

Did you know? A plastic toothbrush requires 1,5 kg industrial waste to be produced. That's huge! And they're often composed of different types of plastic, making them impossible to recycle. Is it another addition to our ecological footprint which will take years to degrade and pollute our pretty beaches in the meantime.

So, what would be our solution?

You're probably familiar with the concept : bamboo toothbrushes are recyclables and biodegradables. The bamboo stick can be simply put in your compost. As for the bristles, you just need to cut them and put them in your recyclable bin.

In one word, nothing is lost and we love it!

What you need to know:

  • Bambou is a plant that grows extremely fast when in the right climate (up to 1 meter per day). That is pretty convenient to avoid a deforestation!
  • It can also stock 4 times more carbon than any other tree, and to produce 30% more oxygen. In bamboo, we trust!
  • Our pretty Bambooju toothbrushes are colored with natural pigments.
  • We exclusively use soft bristles to prevent any damage to your gums. Oui, oui, we did ask to dentists!
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. It is therefore the perfect material to clean your teeth.
  • All our Bambooju products are carried by train to limit our carbon footprint. For sure, it's much tricky for us but we're definitely proud of our choice!

So if you're convinced, you now just need to pick your favourite color 😊

In bamboo, we trust - The Bambooju Team.