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6 tricks for a zero waste picnic

The spring is coming, we feel like wearing our favorite skirts, our new sunglasses and of course grandma's vintage tablecloth for a fun picnic outside. What a great idea!

But with picnic comes waste! We suggest in this article solutions for a zero waste trip.

  1. Take your bamboo cultery to avoid single use tableware. Bring your pretty bamboo glasses and say "no to plastic". And of course, we don't forget the bambou straws : kids will love our mini-straws adapted to mini-hands and mini-cups!
  2. Tasty dishes: oui! Bought in a supermarket: non! Prefer home-made meals to avoid the plastic wraps or bought in your favourite local restaurant. You can bring your own containers to the chef.
  3. We opt for 100% natural bowls for your summer salad: bamboo, palmtree or even coconut bowls.
  4. Think about isothermal bamboo bottles to keep your water chill or o keep your coffee hot.
  5. To match grandma's cloth, you can use cloth napkins. Fun idea : recycle your old cotton shirt: 1 piece of fabric, 4 hems, and voilà!
  6. And how do we care everything? In a pretty hand-woven basket or in a large tote-bag.

And where do we find all this? At Bambooju, of course!

You can check all our lovely eco-trendy and zero-waste items :

  1. The bamboo  or palmtree cutlery
  2. The bamboo glasses and the bamboo straws (small and large sizes)
  3. The bamboopalmtree or coconut bowls
  4. The isothermal bamboo bottles


In bamboo, we trust - The Bambooju team.